GoPro Accessories For Your Next Vacation

We love our GoPros! There’s nothing better to shoot on-the-go travel pictures and video. They’re small, waterproof, dust proof and fairly indestructible. But, what we love more than our GoPro cameras is the killer accessories available to enhance your shooting! Since I get asked over and over what we use to film and what accessories we use I decided to create this guide of must-have GoPro accessories for travellers!

Versa Mount Hand Mount

Selfie sticks are great for catching video of yourself, but have you ever tried to hold one while surfing or skydiving? It just doesn’t work! That’s where Versa Mount’s genius hand mount comes in! You get the same selfie-style of pictures or video without having to hold onto anything. Buy here.

GoPole Scenelapse

This accessory is really more of a novelty than a necessity, but the video I get out of this is amazing! You attach your GoPro and twist the Scenelapse to your desired time (ex: 15 minutes = 90 degrees) and hit record. This is an awesome way to get a scene lapse video of a beach sunset or a bustling city. It’s also light enough to carry around! Buy here.

Kelly Ella Maz_Go Pole Scenelapse

GoPole Evo Extension Pole

What we love most about this pole is that it floats, making it perfect for water. Using a “selfie stick” while snorkelling is a great way to get your GoPro closer to underwater critters, and also the best way to capture video of yourself swimming. This is a high quality pole that extends from 14″ to 24″ and comes with an adjustable wrist strap. Buy here.

Kelly Ella Maz_GoPole Evo Extension Pole

Polar Pro Filters

The first time I went snorkelling with a GoPro I was really disappointed by the image quality. My underwater images weren’t clear and they were all very green. No amount of post-shooting edits could fix this either. We now shoot with two different filters from Polar Pro! We use a red snorkel filter (specifically for shallow water) for underwater shots, and we also use a polarized filter for “dry” shooting on sunny days. Just check out the difference in the images below. Buy here.

Kelly Ella Maz_Polar Pro Filters