Kelly Ella Maz Capri By Fraser Room

How to Pick The Best Hotels

Whether it’s a hotel I’m paying for or one of those sponsored stays I’m so thankful to get (perks of the job) I always use the same method for selecting hotels. In the past two years there’s only been 2 or 3 hotels I was disappointed in, so I think my method is working pretty well!

I’ve broken my method into 5 easy steps to show you how to pick the best hotels:

1. TripAdvisor Ranking. I always check to see what ranking the hotel has. For example, Hotel Palazzo Zichy is rated #3 out of 332 for hotels in Budapest so I was confident that it would be a great hotel. (It was!)

Hotel Palazzo Zichy

2. TripAdvisor Average Traveller Rating. Sometimes newer hotels don’t have very many reviews and unfortunately this severely effects their ranking, even though it might be a fantastic hotel. That’s why I also like to check the average traveller rating too. When Nanuku Auberge Resort first opened they weren’t in the top 5 hotels, but their average rating indicated that the hotel would be a winner.

Nanuku Auberge Resort

3. TripAdvisor Pictures. Pictures on TripAdvisor don’t lie! Unedited shots of hotel rooms taken on people’s cell phones are drastically different than the stock photos on hotel websites.

Room Pictures

4. Instagram Pictures. Another way to see realistic pictures of hotels is on Instagram. Search by either the location or relevant hashtags to find real-time pictures of hotels. Capri by Fraser is a very new hotel, so there weren’t many pictures on TripAdvisor yet – but there were tons on Instagram!


5. Blog Articles. Travel blogs (…like mine!) are filled with real stories from experienced traveller who know what to look for. Unlike TripAdivsor, a travel blogger is never going to give a hotel a bad review because of something ridiculous like “I was annoyed that none of the staff at my hotel in Spain didn’t speak English”. Wanna know how authentic the reviews are? Always check for the website’s disclaimer.

Hotel Reviews