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When Should I Book My Hotel?

When people find out what I do for a living they usually have the same reaction. How do I get your job? Do you need an assistant? These are usually followed with questions like when should I book my hotel to get the best deal? Travel isn’t cheap, and those who constantly seek new adventures are constantly seeking ways to lower their costs. 

I previously shared my favourite websites for finding hotel deals, and today I’m covering the formula behind when to book your hotel. 

I used to be all about the last-minute hotel room bookings. I had great success with this method for a few years – routinely booking hotel rooms two nights before I needed them and scoring last-minute deals from hotels that were desperate to fill their empty rooms.

But, this isn’t news to you. In fact it’s not really news to anyone. Tons of people were doing the same thing as me and it didn’t take long for hotels (and hotel booking sites) to catch on to this! Sometime in 2013 this method stopped working for me. When I went to book a last-minute room the prices were actually skyrocketing, not lowering. So I had to come up with a more sophisticated method…..

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There are few factors that can effect when you should book your hotel room and I’ve listed each of them below:


Need a hotel room over Thanksgiving or Christmas? The rates aren’t going to be cheap, and I can guarantee it will be busy. Book anywhere from 6-10 months in advance for holidays. 

Peek Seasons

If you’re visiting Paris during July or August get in line. This is peek season for European travel and hotel room rates can be both competitive and uncertain. Book 10-14 weeks out for the best deal.

Particular Hotels

If you’re set on staying at a certain hotel or resort then it can become risky to wait too long to book. Rooms with king beds could be sold out, or the higher floors could get booked. Book 3-4 months in advance for best prices and room selection.

All Other Times

According to online research, the magic number for booking dates is 14 – 21 days prior to your stay. If it’s not during a holiday, it’s not during peek season AND you’re flexible on which hotel to book at than this is the golden time to book. 

Ps: Still not convinced? Book a hotel with free cancellation so that you can cancel your stay if you find a better deal! is my recommended website for competitive prices and free cancellation.