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7 Reasons You’re Not Travelling Right Now

Since travelling has changed my life for the better I’ve made it my mission to inspire, encourage and assist others when it comes to exploring the world. I want to break down the barriers and make dreams of travel more attainable for everyone. I recently took a poll on Facebook to ask people the reasons that hold them back from travelling, and there were a wide range of answers. I picked the seven most common reasons you’re not travelling and broke them down to give you easy ways to overcome them. With these solutions you have no excuse not to take off on an exciting adventure of your own.

Pack your bags darling, cause you’re going on vacation!

#1 – Money

Let’s get this big one out of the way right from the start. An overwhelming 95% of people told me that not having enough money was part of the reason they weren’t travelling. It certainly seems like a valid reason, but this is easier to overcome than you think.

First up, my easy trick for saving money will teach you how grow that dollar amount in your savings account and make these lofty travel plans more attainable. On every pay day have a percentage of your pay check deposited directly into a savings account that you’ll use for travel. If you never see the money than you won’t miss it. Having this done automatically will also stop you from skipping your contribution “just this one time”.

Another way to save money is to make choices. Do you really need a $6 latte every day? Or can that money be placed into your travel savings? And what about your time? Pick up a part time job or work extra hours at your day job to increase your income.

Travelling can also cost a lot less than you think. Consider doing volunteer work abroad and you’ll get to help out the less fortunate AND subsidize your travel costs since overseas volunteer programs often include complimentary meals and accommodation.

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#2 – Time Off Work

I know this excuse all too well. You want to jet off to Paris for a week but annual reports are due that week and your boss says no. You could just quit but that’s not a viable option for most people (although it did work out well for me). 

My advice is to negotiate remote working hours so you can work on your laptop in a Parisian cafe, on the beach or wherever you want. If this sounds unattainable to you then I highly suggest picking up a copy of “The 4 Hour Workweek”. This book will change how you work.

Another solution is to take shorter vacations. Jetting off to the Caribbean for a three night getaway would only involve taking one day off work. It may not be a good as seven nights but its still worth it to squeeze in some extra travel.

#3 – No One to Go With.

A large number of single readers listed not having someone to travel with as a common reason for not heading overseas. But who says you can’t travel alone? Solo travel is widely raved as a life-changing experience that allows you to connect with yourself.

Travelling alone means you don’t have to worry about agreeing on a location with someone else. All of the decisions are in your hands, so you can spend 100% of your vacation time as you wish.

If it’s your first time travelling alone you should pick a destination that you’ll feel comfortable in. Some of the safest countries for solo travel are Australia, Canada, Singapore and Switzerland. If you want to ease into the solo travel lifestyle try a weekend getaway by yourself to a nearby city.

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#4 – Kids

I’m not gonna lie.. travelling with kids definitely isn’t as glamorous as an adults-only vacation, but just because you have a baby doesn’t mean you can’t travel. The best example I have of this is Fiji. Nanuku Auberge Resort Fiji is one of many resorts in Fiji that has full-time nannies available – all included in your stay. This service is not exclusive to Fiji and plenty of Caribbean resorts offer nanny services as well.

Other regions of the world, such as Southeast Asia, are so incredibly cheap that you can actually hire a full time nanny to travel with your family. As you move from city to city, the nanny comes with you.

If using nanny services overseas is something you’re not comfortable with consider renting an apartment instead of staying at hotel. This will make meal times easier (less restaurants) and give your kids the room they need to play, sleep and explore.

#5 – Unsupportive Families

This one really surprised me, but 26% of people said that an unsupportive family was holding them back from travelling. Although my family is very supportive of my desire to travel I do remember them causing a few roadblocks in the beginning.

In 2012 my student debt was not yet paid off and I had just taken a pretty expensive trip to Mexico, much to my mom’s disapproval. Literally four days after returning from Mexico a chance to travel to Cuba came up and I booked it on a whim. My parents were probably concerned that it was a bad financial decision for me to make at the time, but I knew in my heart that exploring another country was important to me.

About two months after Cuba I booked a summer trip to Europe. At this point my mom went from mad to livid, but it was also around this time that my parents both started to realize how much I valued travel and they slowly came around the being supportive.

The point of this story is that even if family can be unsupportive at first when they start to see how happy you are (and how hard to work to afford it!) they can actually turn into your biggest supporters. Sometimes you just need to follow your heart, and apologize for it afterwards.

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#6 – Fear of Flying

With so many tragic news stories in the past year about aviation accidents you have every right to be a nervous flyer. There’s a few ways to overcome this fear but it starts with identifying what exactly scares you.

If it’s a fear of being confined in a small space and unable to leave then maybe talk to your doctor about medication for anxiety that can be taken in these situations. Meditation is another option. I know someone who religiously practises mediation on travel days to overcome her fear of flying and it works quite well for her.

If there’s absolutely no way that you’re getting on a plane then that’s your decision, but it doesn’t mean travel isn’t possible. Cross-country road trips, train travel and cruise ships are great ways to get out of your city and explore new areas!

#7 – Health

The last reason people gave me for not travelling is health. Whether it’s an illness or physical limitation you may feel like travelling isn’t possible for you, but it is. Talk to your doctor about your desires to travel and come up with a game plan that makes you comfortable.

My recommendation is to find a doctor or specialist near your destination and make contact with their office. Having their hours, location and contact details on hand will give you peace of mind knowing that you have someone to go to in an emergency. I’d also recommend getting written documentation from your own doctor explaining your condition and listing out any medications you’re currently taking. 

With a bit of research and extra planning health issues should not get in the way of travel.