Kelly Ella Maz Quick Guide To Havana

Quick Guide to Havana

Havana tourism is undoubtedly on the rise, so I thought a guide to Havana was long overdue. I absolutely loved the old-world charm and architecture in this city and I also had some of the best mojitos here! With improved relations between Cuba and America I can only hope that this means a higher quality of food in this beautiful country. Of course, with these improvements will also come a higher price tag and potentially a less authentic experience but I think these changes are long overdue.
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  • Iberostar Parque Central is my top choice for hotel. It’s beautiful, well taken care of and perfectly located. Their lobby is stunning (and a great place to hang out) and the rooftop patio has a pool and great views of the city.

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  • Most people start their tour in Havana by visiting El Morro. This old fortress guards the entrance to Havana Bay and holds a lot of history for this city. It’s also a great place to see the city from a distance before entering Havana through an underground tunnel underneath the water. 
  • Plaza de la Catedral is a popular plaza in Havana. The buildings are so old and beautiful and there’s a few cafes were you can enjoy a coffee while admiring Havana Cathedral.
  • My favourite plaza in Havana is Plaza Vieja, as it’s the prettiest with some nice fountains and very cool architecture to admire!
  • If you’re in Havana for a few nights then the Tropicana show is a very entertaining way to spend an evening. If you are visiting Havana on a day trip from one of the nearby resort towns (like Varadero) then you are probably better off skipping this. 
  • By far my favourite thing to do in Havana is visit the Artisan’s Market on Av del Puerto in Old Havana. It’s located in an old shipping warehouse and it’s aisle after aisle of homemade souvenirs. I bought an oil painting here that I will forever treasure! It’s so colourful and perfectly reflects my memories of Havana. 

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  • The food in Cuba is pretty horrendous (in my opinion) and I have never enjoyed a single meal in this country. The food was slightly better in Havana, but that’s really not saying much at all.
  • Los Nardos is one of the better restaurants in Havana. However, just like the rest of Cuba I found the food to be very bland and left my tastebuds craving more. The atmosphere was nice with a pianist and lots of candles, and of course the prices were very affordable.
  • Another restaurant worth checking out is A Prado Y Neptuno for pizza. When all else fails, I choose pizza as a safe bet and this place is the best pizzeria in Havana.

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  •  Where Havana lacks in food they make up for in Mojitos! The best mojitos we had in Havana were definitely at La Floridita. This bar feels like it’s hardly changed since the days when Ernest Hemingway famously drank here, and enjoying a drink here is a pretty cool experience.
  • Another popular bar in Havana is La Bodeguita del Medio, which is also well known for their mojitos and for being favourited by Ernest Hemingway.  

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