Greek Food Tour with Gourmet Safaris

No one knows good food better than the legendary Maeve O’Meara. So who better to take you on a food tour in Sydney than a company owned and operated by Maeve? We spent last Saturday with Gourmet Safaris experiencing some of the best food Sydney has to offer!

Gourmet Safaris has over 15 different tours in Sydney to choose from. Paul and I love Greek food but we haven’t had any in months so we jumped at the opportunity to do their Greek Gourmet Food Safari in Marrickville. Tours vary in length, dates and logistics but they all involve great food.

Since Sydney’s Marrickville suburb is home to all the best Greek establishments that’s where our tour took place. We met at 9:30am at a Greek pastry shop for a morning coffee and some freshly baked treats.Β 

Kelly Ella Maz_Gourmet Safari 1

Kelly Ella Maz_Gourmet Safari 2

Our first few food samples were amazing and set the standard for the rest of the day! From there we all drove to the heart of Marrickville where we parked our cars for the rest of the day and dove right into our walking tour. The next stop was a Greek butcher who specialized in lamb, kebabs and sausages. The sausage we sampled here was delicious, and unlike anything I’ve ever had before! After a short visit to the butcher we walked further up the street to a cake shop. The owner of this bakery was so sweet and explained all the different traditional Greek pastries as we sampled all of them.Β 

Kelly Ella Maz_Gourmet Safari 3

Kelly Ella Maz_Gourmet Safari 5

Kelly Ella Maz_Gourmet Safari 4

By this point I was already in love with everything we ate and couldn’t wait to see what else Gourmet Safaris had in store for us. We headed to a gyro shop next where we tried there slow cooked beef that they use in their wraps. Following this we headed to a bakery that specializes in traditional Greek breads. What I really loved was how welcoming and friendly all the staff and owners were at each shop. They clearly had a great working relationship with our tour guide and were happy to tell us about their family-run businesses!

Kelly Ella Maz_Gourmet Safari 6

Kelly Ella Maz_Gourmet Safari 7

Although I was already getting full we still had two more stores to visit on the tour. The next one was a pickling shop that had delicious bread with different toppings for us to try. One things for sure, it would be impossible to go home hungry on this tour! Our last shop was one of my favourites, and also where we bought a lot of goodies. It was a Greek deli that had the best halloumi cheese I’ve ever tasted and a huge selection of hard-to-find olives. One of the owners makes everything in the display cabinet from scratch, so naturally we stocked up on tzatziki here!

Kelly Ella Maz_Gourmet Safari 8

Kelly Ella Maz_Gourmet Safari 10

As if we weren’t full enough we still had lunch after visiting all of the shops! Our large group took up most of the restaurant and the waiters we’re all ready for us when we arrived. They served everything family-style. Huge trays of cooked vegetables and lamb were brought to the table, along with bottles of wine and the freshest Greek salad I’ve ever had. Everything was so delicious and it really felt like we were eating at someone’s house rather than a restaurant. It was the perfect end to the day!

Kelly Ella Maz_Gourmet Safari 11

With so many tours to choose from I guarantee there’s something to interest anyone with Gourmet Safaris. What sets these tours apart from the competition is their professionalism and the staff’s love of great food!

Hungry for more? Check out the video below and head to the Gourmet Safaris website to sign up for a tour!

The team at Kelly Ella Maz were welcomed to Gourmet Safaris as guests, however our opinions remain our own.