Pulled Pork Burger And Coleslaw At Chur Burger In Surry Hills

Surry Hills: Foodie Heaven

Surry Hills is quite literally the “Brunch Capital of the World”. Every Sunday hundreds of Sydney residents and tourists alike flock to this suburb for exotic pancakes, fancy eggs and spiked morning drinks. Until you’ve had brunch in Surry Hills you haven’t really experienced Sydney.

A few weeks ago we spent the entire weekend in Surry Hills. We stayed at the ahh-mazing ADGE ApartHotel and ate our way from the top of Crown Street all the way down to Cleveland Street. It was a weekend filled with food orgasms and “OMG you have to try this”.

Here’s a summary of the best Surry Hills eats :


Website: www.Pieno.com.au

Best For: Morning Coffee or Romantic Dinners

Must Try: Grilled Haloumi Salad

We had a candle lit dinner here at a small tabs tucked behind a potted tree. There was a man playing piano and the summer air was crisp. It was the perfect ambiance for a Saturday night dinner! Paul’s steak was topped with a herbed butter and came with a side of fries. My grilled haloumi salad had a lemony dressing and pine nuts, all onto of a slice of sourdough bread. It was the perfect evening in Surry Hills.

Kelly Ella Maz_Pieno

The Winery

Website: www.TheWinerySurryHills.com.au

Best For: Drinks with the girlfriends, or a fancy birthday celebration

Must Try: Wine, and a cheese board to go with it!

We arrived around 9pm and sipped wine in their outdoor garden. Their wine list is long, the place is busy and their staff are friendly. We didn’t eat here but I’m looking forward to returning soon for dinner. The upper level, called the Champagne Room, has luxurious booth that include a button you can press when you need the waiter to top off your glass of bubbly. This is living.

Kelly Ella Maz_The Winery

Chur Burger

Website: www.ChurBurger.com.au

Best For: A hungover lunch, or a budget-friendly dinner.

Must Try: Any of their burgers, and a milkshake

Paul gets pretty grumpy when he’s hungry. We’re talking bitchy temper tantrums that really should only be reserved for teenaged girls. When hunger hits I need to find him a place to eat, and fast. After an early lunch he got hungry again around 4pm, so I did a quick google search and I found Chur Burger only a few minutes away from where we were. We weren’t expecting much and we ended up being pleasantly surprised. Their burgers are amazing and totally different from anything else I’ve ever tried. Paul’s pulled pork burger was topped with red slaw and fennel mayo. Suffice to say, we will be back.

Kelly Ella Maz_Chur


Website: www.Bills.com.au

Best For: Brunch. Every weekend.

Must Try: Sweet Corn Fritters

For an epic brunch sesh with flowing cocktails and Instagram-worthly dishes head to Bills. They’re best known for their Ricotta Hotcakes, so naturally I had to order them. They were light and fluffy but I found them to be a bit lacking in flavour. Paul ordered their second most popular dish, the Sweet Corn Fritters with Avocado Salsa. These were soooo good we were fighting over the last bite! Expect to wait for a table here, they get very busy on the weekends.

Kelly Ella Maz_Bills

Gelato Messina

Website: www.GelatoMessina.com

Best For: Gelato – duh!

Must Try: Annoy the staff and sample them all

Voted the best gelato shop in Australia, I obviously had to try it out since I’m a self-proclaimed gelato snob. They offer a unique selection of flavours like apple pie and pear rhubarb. I was feeling adventurous and took a chance on the pear rhubarb. The first few licks were great, but I quickly regretted not getting a more traditional flavour like strawberry. Although my gelato was quite good, it really was more of an ice cream than a gelato. Next time (tomorrow), I’ll give lemon or strawberry a try!

Kelly Ella Maz_Gelato Messina

Other places worth checking out:

  • Crown Street Grocer for Cronuts
  • Bourke Street Bakery for Ginger Brûlée Tarts
  • Reuben Hills for Avocado, Coriander and Lime on Sourdough Bread
  • BangBang for Pulled Pork