Kiss Me in Paris

Looking for the perfect memento to bring home from your Parisian vacation? Sure, Laduree macaroons are delicious but they don’t last very long. An Eiffel Tower key chain is another favourite souvenir, but it will never capture the true romance of Paris. 

But you know who does capture the romance of Paris in the perfect souvenir? Fran Boloni. The most down to earth, friendly and creative person I’ve ever met. He just so happens to be The Paris Photographer, and co-founder of Kiss Me in Paris


It doesn’t matter how great your travel photos are, when you’re travelling as a couple it’s impossible to get high quality pictures of the two of you. Some of the pictures we’ve taken over the past three months of full-time travel are incredible. Their treasured memories and a great way to remember all the unique places we’ve been. But what our travel photo albums are lacking is great pictures of the two of us together. We’ve asked fellow travellers to snap photos of us while travelling but they always manage to cut something out of the frame, or the photo is out of focus.

This issue is what led me to Kiss Me in Paris. A trip to Paris is a special experience – something you never forget. We needed pictures that reflected that! And we needed those pictures to include both of us, and be good enough to frame in our home long after our Parisian getaway.

My communication with Fran started a few months before we arrived in Paris. We chatted through email about his work, what type of photos I wanted and set up a date for a photo session. Even before meeting him I knew he was going to be amazing to work with because he seemed completely engaged in our conversation, and asked lots of questions about Paul and I. I was looking forward to this photo session for months!

Kelly & Paul Paris 28

Kelly & Paul Paris 26

We met with Fran on our second morning in Paris for a sunrise photo session near the Eiffel Tower. I was a little bit nervous because Fran’s portfolio is so impressive, surely the people in his photos must be professional models! My nerves faded instantly. Fran turned Paul and I into models thanks to his relaxed attitude and professional experience. He was able to laugh with us, he was able to coach us and above all he was able to capture our true emotions.

Fran knew exactly how to direct us in order to get the most flattering angle. And he showed us previews between shots so we could take a sneak peak and re-do anything that wasn’t perfect. In total we spent just under three hours shooting with Fran, at the Eiffel Tower and outside of the Louvre. I desperately wanted this day to last forever! Shooting with such an amazing photographer, in the world’s most beautiful city, with my soulmate – how could this be real?

Kelly & Paul Paris 17

Kelly & Paul Paris 4

There’s no other way to describe my experience other than as a dream come true. Paris will always be my favourite city in the world, and this photo session with Fran captured exactly how Paul and I feel. 

It goes without saying that both Fran and Kiss Me In Paris specialize in weddings and Paris engagement photo sessions, but I don’t think romantic photo sessions need to end there. Why wait until your wedding day to celebrate your love in Paris? 

Kelly & Paul Paris 32

Kelly & Paul Paris 5

The macaroons have been eaten, and that key chain I bought is lost somewhere in a drawer… but these pictures of Paul and I will be framed in our house forever. A warm reminder of the memorable vacation we had in Paris, and of the lifelong friend we made in Fran. 

Wanna see more? Check out the full album of our Paris photo session on the Kelly Ella Maz Facebook page!

To see more from Fran you can check out Kiss Me in Paris online or on Facebook. You can also follow Fran on Instagram for daily Paris pictures!


The team at Kelly Ella Maz were welcomed to work with The Paris Photographer as guests, however our opinions remain our own.