KellyEllaMaz Ushuaia

How to Save Money in Ibiza

I told you all about my favourite places in Ibiza, I showed you awesome video footage from my time there, AND I gave you an inside look at how much Ibiza cost me. Now I’m giving you some tips for saving money! Read below to learn how to make Ibiza slightly more affordable… I promise you it is possible to save money in Ibiza!

  • Book your hotel early! Smaller (therefore cheaper) hotels sell out fast.
  • Split a cab with other clubbers in the taxi lines on your way to and from nightclubs.
  • Pre-purchase your tickets online. I recommend
  • Download the “Ibiza Bus” app to make taking the bus easier. The bus is significantly less than a cab, unless you’re splitting it between 4 people.
  • Embrace the pre-drink, and buy less drinks inside clubs. Alcohol is fairly cheap in super markets, and you can drink at your hotel or on the beach before going out for the night.
  • Split a drink promo with a friend to save on drinks.
  • If you’re going with a large group, inquire about bottle service to see if it’s cheaper than buying individual drinks.
  • Research “budget restaurants in Ibiza” to find affordable dining options near your hotel. Es Tap Nou and El Pirata are two of my favourite places to eat on a budget.