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Hotel Review: Room Mate Laura

Room Mate Laura is the kind of hotel that instantly puts you in a good mood. For me, it started with the cheeky quotes on their website and their incredibly friendly staff that I corresponded with by email before my stay. That wonderful, positive vibe continued when I first arrived!


To start with, the hotel is centrally located in Madrid. We were a ten minute walk from any restaurants or metro stations that we needed to be at. When you only have 3 days to explore a city like Madrid, good hotel location is key. Getting to Room Mate Laura was a breeze from the airport! We arrived to a hotel lobby decorated in cheerful shades of red, and upbeat electronic music was playing from the stereo.


After a smooth check-in we were anxious to see what our room looked like. We were not disappointed! The first thing I noticed about our second floor room was the décor. Large windows and green curtains made this room wonderfully bright. Once I stepped into the room I quickly noticed that the room was not one floor, but two.


On the first floor of the hotel room we had a large bed, full bathroom and dining table. Upstairs there was a huge closet, a daybed and a half bathroom. The daybed was used as a couch for the duration of our stay, and made the perfect temporary office for me.


The biggest benefit to this two-story room was not the added square footage, but the floor to ceiling windows that flanked the room in daylight. Outside of each of these windows was a balcony overlooking Plaza de San Martin. Of course, all that natural light could be an issue when you’re trying to sleep in late – but each window came with electronic shutters that closed at the touch of a button to give us complete darkness.


Rooms at Room Mate Laura also come with an optional kitchen. To unlock the kitchen you need to speak to the front desk, and an additional fee is required. Since I wasn’t looking to do any cooking during our short trip we didn’t bother with the kitchen. For those staying for a longer stay this would be an excellent way to cut back on restaurant expenses!


No kitchen meant we needed an easy and convenient breakfast each morning, so we decided to take advantage of the hotel’s breakfast buffet. I was really impressed with their large selection! It’s well worth the 9€ because I don’t think you’d find anything comparable at a café in Madrid. Eggs, bacon, cheeses and much more are all freshly available from 8:30am – 12noon.


I was sad to leave Room Mate Laura yesterday, but hopefully it’s not my last stay with this hotel chain! I really enjoyed my experience with Room Mate Hotels, and I’ll be looking for them in other cities as well. To book your own room check out, and be sure to take a look at my video below:

The team at Kelly Ella Maz were welcomed to Room Mate Laura as guests, however our opinions remain our own.