Hotel Review: Palacio Ca Sa Galesa

When I first walked up to Hotel Palacio Ca Sa Galesa I had to take a second look. It looked more like the entrance to a spectacular mansion than a hotel lobby! Once I was assured I was in the right place I stepped into the courtyard and looked around in amazement. My first assumption was correct, Palacio Ca Sa Galesa actually is a spectacular mansion – one that was built in the 16th century and previously lived in by one very wealthy family. 


When they turned this historic home into a 5 star hotel they did a fantastic job of keeping the original feel, while still ensuring the amenities were modern. This hotel is unlike any that I’ve ever stayed in before – which is a pretty bold statement coming from someone who’s constantly staying in hotels! What’s unique about this hotel is that it still feels more like a house than a hotel. Staying here is like being a house guest at a millionaire’s sea-side mansion!


The first floor of Palacio Ca Sa Galesa is open 24 hours a day for all guests to use. The highlight of this floor for me was the bright yellow kitchen with a terrace. Every afternoon guests can help themselves to tea, coffee and cake and sit outside by the tiled fountain. There’s also a sitting room with a full bar where they serve complimentary sherry every evening. Guests are welcome to help themselves to the bar any time they’d like, and since it’s self serve you just record what you drink. Because there’s no waiters serving you your drinks or afternoon tea it further adds to the feeling that you are a guest in a house – not a hotel. 



The first floor has a few other rooms, including a dining room that can be reserved for dinner. Since the hotel has a limited kitchen (mostly just breakfast and snacks) you can actually order food from anywhere you’d like, and hotel staff will serve it to you in the dining room. Alternatively, you can have your food delivered to your room or the terrace as well. 

Dining Room

The next floor up is where all of the hotel rooms are. Our room was a spacious suite with a living room, dining area, bedroom with seating area and an incredible bathroom. The design was elegant and clean, and I particularly loved the antique desk and chaise lounge in the bedroom! The bathroom had a jacuzzi tub and a shower with more jets than I’ve ever seen in one shower. 



The best part of this hotel is on the next floor up: the rooftop terrace! This space includes haima beds, sun loungers, and an eating area. There’s great views of the sea from up here, and it’s especially romantic in the evening as the sun is setting. I particularly loved how quiet it was up here. We shared a bottle of champagne and relaxed on the sun loungers before heading to dinner and it was the perfect start to our evening.

Rooftop Terrace

Rooftop Terrace Kelly

Yet another highlight of this hotel has got to be their incredible spa! Located in the basement of the hotel, the pool feels like you’re swimming in a cave. In addition to the pool there’s also a sauna, a steam room and three showers. Each of the showers are different and further enhance your spa experience. This is another quiet and romantic spot in Palacio Ca Sa Galesa.


Spa Kelly

On top of being an incredibly beautiful and special hotel, the staff are also amazing. Every day we saw staff members going out of their way to ensure the guests were enjoying their visit. The hotel also has a long list of services they provide to guests, including free bike rentals. Simply ask the hotel staff if you have any requests and I guarantee they will do whatever they can to enhance your holiday.

Book your stay at Palacio Ca Sa Galesa by heading to their website. You can also check out the YouTube video from my stay right here.

The team at Kelly Ella Maz were welcomed to Palacio Ca Sa Galesa as guests, however our opinions remain our own.