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Tapas Tour with Barcelona Cooking

After Monday night’s exciting cooking class with Barcelona Cooking, I knew we’d have a good time on their tapas tour as well! We met at their cooking school on La Rambla and enjoyed a glass of wine while we waited for the rest of the group to come. It was great spending this 15 minutes getting to know our tour guide and fellow travellers before leaving! Once we were all ready to leave our tour guide (Sam) led us through the Gothic Quarter to our first stop, a small candy shop filled with colourful sweets! A great place to pick up souvenirs.


From here we continued walking through the neighbourhood towards our first tapas bar. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that our tour guide spoke perfect english (he’s a Boston native), and that he had a strong knowledge of both Spanish and Catalan history. Throughout our walk he took the time to explain the significance of certain buildings, and had interesting stories to tell as well.


Kelly Ella Maz_Barcelona Cooking Food Tour Walking 


The first place we ate at was a tiny tapas bar that was significantly more “authentic” than anywhere we’d previously been on La Rambla. We ate the most delicious fish here, and we learned how to drink wine from a glass bottle! You’ll have to check out my YouTube video to catch a glimpse of Paul doing that.


Kelly Ella Maz_Barcelona Cooking Food Tour Bar La Plata 


Sam led us through the maze of El Born until we came to our next stop, a family-run shop that specializes in meats, cheeses and wine! We explored the store (they have an impressive selection!) before heading down a narrow staircase into what can only be described as a “wine cave”. Surrounded by hundreds of bottles that would impress any wine snob, we sat down at a long table where we were served meat, cheese and wine…. along with tomato bread (of course). This was my favourite stop of the tour by far! It was really a memorable experience drinking wine down in that ancient cellar, and not something we’d be able to do on our own.

Kelly Ella Maz_Barcelona Cooking Food Tour Meat 

 Kelly Ella Maz_Barcelona Cooking Food Tour Cellar


Our third tapas bar was also in El Born. We enjoyed more wine and tomato bread here, along with the most delicious peppers I’ve ever had! We tried a unique goat cheese dish, along with cooked vegetables and a very refreshing rose wine. 

 Kelly Ella Maz_Barcelona Cooking Food Tour Food

 Kelly Ella Maz_Barcelona Cooking Food Tour Tapas

The last stop on our tour was one of my favourite places I’ve ever been to in Barcelona. We entered what has to be one of the oldest building in Barcelona and were led up the stairs to a table overlooking the main dining room. We were served a delicious bottle of cava along with a ricotta dish topped with honey… followed by a rich chocolate cake! Muy bueno!


Kelly Ella Maz_Barcelona Cooking Food Tour Dessert 


The best part of this tour was that we left with a list of new favourite restaurants that we’re sure to impress our friends with when they come to visit Barcelona! Sam was an excellent tour guide, he was so laid-back and fun… and he was able to teach us so much about Barcelona and Spain’s history without being boring. I can’t recommend this tour enough, so check it out for yourself at
Don’t forget to check out the video at the Kelly Ella Maz YouTube channel
The team at Kelly Ella Maz were welcomed to the tapas tour as guests, however our opinions remain our own.