Finding the Perfect Camera Bag

I knew deciding which DSLR camera to buy would be hard, but I never expected the search for a camera bag to be worse! Trying to find a practical and stylish camera bag was hell! Traditional camera bags are practical, but very ugly. I could never picture myself walking around Paris carrying a nylon camera bag alongside a designer purse. There’s also camera bags out there designed to look like purses. This intrigued me at first, but I couldn’t find one that looked like a purse I would actually carry. Most of them resembled polyester purses a pre-teen would buy from an outlet mall – and they’re were surprisingly expensive!

After weeks of searching I still hadn’t found the perfect bag, and with an upcoming press trip to Toronto I needed one quick. I finally decided to solve the problem myself. For a little over $20 I purchased a camera bag insert off eBay. I’m thrilled with this product! I’m able to fit this insert into tons of my designer bags, meaning I never have to carry an ugly camera bag!


Just a few weeks ago, I placed this insert in my Longhcamp Le Pliage (size large) and carried around my camera equipment, wallet, keys, makeup bag and cell phone with ease. It came with removable pieces that I could re-arrange to make the compartments the perfect size for my camera equipment. It also has an outside pocket that I use to hold business cards and extra memory cards.

If you’re struggling with the same issue as me I’d definitely recommend buying an insert instead of a camera bag. There’s plenty of options on eBay, just make sure to measure your purses before ordering one. You can find the exact one that I bought here.