Kelly Ella Maz CN Tower Toronto

Visiting The CN Tower

The CN Tower is certainly Toronto’s most recognizable landmark. The 1815 ft tall the tower can be seen from all over the city (and surrounding areas as well!). 1.5 million visitors flock to the the CN Tower every year to take a glass elevator to the top, and enjoy spectacular views of Toronto.
Last week, Paul & I took advantage of the spring weather in Toronto and visited the CN Tower for the first time in over 10 years. We tried to visit on a Saturday last summer but the waiting time for the elevators was almost 2 hours. This time, we went of a Friday around lunch and we didn’t wait in a single line. It was the perfect time to go!
After buying our tickets, and going through security, we took the 58 second elevator ride to the LookOut Level.  We could see for miles even though it wasn’t a particularly clear day! We got a lot of great pictures of our beloved city, and we also watched a plane land at the island airport. I would imagine those windows would be filled with tourists and their cameras on a busy day, but we had lots of space to take pictures and gaze at the city below without any interruptions. 
From here we took a short flight of stairs to The Glass Floor. This was the highlight of my visit! I loved standing on the glass floor and peering down at the pedestrians below. Also on this level is the SkyTerrace, where you can get outdoor views of the city. It was great for a quick visit but I wish I had worn my hair up – the wind was insane! I thought the pictures we got from the LookOut Level turned out a lot better, because we didn’t have a metal cage blocking the view.



Above this level is the SkyPod, where you can see all the way to Rochester, New York on an exceptionally clear day! Lastly, at 1168 ft above the ground, is EdgeWalk! EdgeWalk is Toronto’s most extreme attraction and the world’s highest external walk on a building! New this year, couples can be married on the EdgeWalk. How unique and memorable would that wedding be?!

There’s also two restaurants at the CN Tower, and a cafe on the street level. 360 The Restaurant offers revolving views of Toronto at over 1000 ft in the air! It’s also home to world’s highest wine cellar. The second restaurant is called Horizons, and this upscale bistro overlooks the city and Lake Ontario. 360 The Restaurant would make the perfect choice for a romantic dinner in Toronto, while Horizons is an excellent option for a memorable lunch.






Above all, my absolute favourite thing about the CN Tower is how it lights up at night! It’s always amazing to see the bright lights of the CN Tower standing tall in our beautiful skyline. I also love how the colours of the CN Tower change depending on holidays or special events. Blue to support the Toronto Maple Leafs, the colours of the South African flag to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela or green on St. Patrick’s Day. The CN Tower really is the symbol of Toronto!


If you’re headed to the CN Tower make sure to download their new audio-video tour app to get their awesome interactive guide! For more information, or tickets, check out cntower.caWant to see more? Head to the Kelly Ella Maz YouTube channel for my Toronto video featuring my visit to the CN Tower!


The team at Kelly Ella Maz were welcomed to the CN Tower as guests, however our opinions remain our own.