Lost Luggage

My Luggage Was Lost!! Now What?? [+ How to Prevent Lost Luggage]


Having an airline loose my luggage is my single biggest fear! I’m incredibly thankful that this has never happened to me, but there’s always a chance that it could. In the event that this should happen to you (or me!), here are a few important steps to remember. Loosing your luggage is both upsetting and stressful, so keep this guide bookmarked for easy reference!


What To Do:
  • Find a representative for your airline and file a lost luggage claim. You’re going to need your luggage ticket that you got when you checked your bags. It’s so important that you do this before you leave the airport. Do NOT even think about going to your hotel and dealing with this tomorrow.  
  • Using that luggage ticket, the representative should be able to tell through their computer if your bag is delayed, lost or in the wrong city. Once you have an idea about your bag’s whereabouts file a report, and make sure you get a copy of it.
  • Before leaving the airport, make sure you have a contact number and a reference number. Also, always write down the name of who you dealt with.  
  • Be persistent! If you haven’t heard back from the airline after a few days be sure to contact them. Whether you’re calling or emailing, make sure you always include your reference number and keep track of anyone you talk to. 
  • Final tip: keep your cool! The person you’re about to yell is not personally responsible for loosing your luggage. Don’t raise your voice at the only person able to help you.
Prevention Notes:
  • If you’re travelling with someone else, split your clothes in half and pack half in each suitcase. This way, if one suitcase get’s lost you’ll each have half of your stuff. 
  • Pack toiletries, prescriptions, jewellery, electronics and a change of clothes in your carryon. Also make sure you keep any important documents on you. 
  • Ensure your name, address and contact information is on your suitcase. Ideally, have this information in more than one place. You could use the card that’s attached to your suitcase, plus an additional luggage tag. It’s also a good idea to attach the address of where you’ll be staying and the dates of your stay.  
  • Check that your travel insurance includes coverage for lost luggage. Keep your insurance policy number and company phone number on hand.  
  • Don’t throw out your packing list until you’re home from a trip. If your luggage is lost, some airlines will want an itemized list of the items in your bag in order to make an accurate claim. Having your packing list will make that a whole lot easier.  
  • Hang on to that luggage ticket you got after checking your bag. Better yet, take a quick picture of it with your cell phone so you have the numbers on hand in the event of loosing the ticket as well as your bag.
  • And while you have your camera out, take a few pictures of your suitcase. Describing your luggage as “a black Samsonite suitcase” isn’t going to be very helpful when you have to file a missing luggage report. Having pictures will allow you to describe (and show!) your suitcase in more detail.


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