Eat Well, Travel Often (How to Pick the Best Restaurants)

Here’s some tips for picking good restaurants when you’re on vacation:
  •  Avoid restaurants in main squares or near tourist attractions. It might be nice to sit in Piazza Navona, but your food will overpriced and far from authentic. 
  • Stay far away from restaurants that have a host outside trying to lour you inside. If their food was good they wouldn’t be begging people to come in!
  • Avoid restaurants that have multi-language menus. That’s never a good sign…
  • Always try the “local” cuisine! You have no one to blame but yourself if you have bad pizza in Dublin or lousy sushi in Mexico.
  • Scan the restuarant for locals. If you see lots of Americans wearing fanny packs and white running shoes, run!
  • Ask locals where they like to eat. I find the best people to ask are people working in stores. I don’t like to ask at hotels because they aren’t always honest. Some hotels get money for recomending their guests go to certain restaurants, but this never happens at trendy shoe stores! 
  • Check TripAdvisor. Their app is great for checking restaurant reviews on the go. I don’t read the reviews, but I like to look at pictures people have posted to get a good idea of what the food is like.
  • Plan ahead! Before every trip I take I have a list of highly recommended restaurants with me. The best meals I’ve had on vacation have come recommended from travel blogs (like mine!). I’ve never been disappointed with restaurants I’ve researched ahead of time. 
Hopefully this helps everyone find the best food while traveling! Trying local cuisine is one the best parts of visiting new countries. I feel terrible for the people who say they ate bad food in cities like Rome or Paris. Unfortunately, they just went to the wrong restaurants!