Havana 1

One Day in Havana

For $40 each, Paul and I took a bus from Varadero to Havana for the day. The bus left early in the morning and I was NOT looking forward to the 3 hour drive. Much to our surprise it was a really fun drive. We drove through some interesting towns and when we got out in the country the valleys and mountains covered in palm trees looked like a scene from Jurasic Park!


Halfway to Havana we stopped at this shack on the side of the road… the spanish music was on full blast and two bartenders were dancing while making the best pina coladas I’ve ever tasted! Freshly chopped pineapple and coconut milk into the blender with ice… then add your own Havana Club if you want. I think we ordered 4 in the 5 minutes we were there! 


Out of the 40 people on the bus, Paul and I were the only two that didn’t do the tour. We paid for the bus ride only and chose to explore Havana on our own. We were so happy we did… while we were out shopping and exploring the old streets they spent 45+ minutes in one single church! We checked out the 5 star hotels, did some shopping, and ate lunch at Los Nardos. There are several bars made famous by Ernest Hemingway… we took it upon ourselves to stop for a mojito at each of them.

Our last stop in Havana was the flea market. Every souvenir imaginable was here, and much better prices. We bought an oil painting of Havana that brings back great memories every time I walk past it!


** Don’t mind my yoga pants and hoody – it was unseasonably cold this day and I only packed dresses and shorts! **