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I’m a former full-time traveller turned web designer who loves spa days, fine Italian cuisine and a glass of champagne. was created in late 2012 and has since become a leading resource for luxury travel information. For each destination I visit, I create an in-depth guide that shares the top hotels, my favourite restaurants and the must-see sights in the city. Together with my husband Paul, I’ve explored some of the most beautiful corners of the world, and when I’m not blogging about it I’m using my travels as inspiration for my web design projects at North Palm Digital

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Inspired by exotic beaches and coastal cities, I founded my web design agency (North Palm Digital) in 2017 once my life as a full-time travellers came to an end. Today, I offer tropical-inspired branding and web design packages to fellow travel-loving entrepreneurs. With a professional background in SEO, my sites not only look beautiful – but they perform well too! To learn more about my web design services, please click the button below.